Art is Boring

That's what I used to think.

I had no interest in my High School art class. I  actually paid five dollars for someone to complete my first project. 

Then we were given paint and brush...

I was an Artist!

I was fortunate to have an accomplished artist in the family. My brilliant cousin, Richard Halstead, let me attend several of his portrait painting workshops. I earned a scholarship to University, two grants, and a local prize. 

It was awesome

Then it wasn't. University was dreadful. I lived on campus, studied pre-med (Why?!), and didn’t have time to paint.

I dropped-out and became...a real artist.

I worked minimum wage jobs while selling any way I could. There was some success, but it was a meager existence. Luckily, a family friend informed me of a profession which would give me time to paint and a real income. 

I can’t thank the Rocha family enough!

Now I paint every night, help children develop their communication as a Speech Language Pathologist, travel with my lovely wife, and keep two cats comfortable at home. 

What I do

Color is the best

In most of my oil paintings I use every color on the wheel. It is my strength, and I believe having Aphantasia increased my sensitivity to it. 

I find pleasure transforming the most dull, bizarre, and gruesome subjects into images of enjoyment. They range from animal suffering and mycology to religious allegory and historical events.

‚Čß‚óČŠī•‚óȂȶ¬† ¬† ¬†‚Čß‚óČŠī•‚óȂȶ

  • Me (William Halstead)

    Giant Porcini - King Bolete

  • Alethea Halstead

    Amanita Muscaria - Fly Agaric

  • Saki and Chloe

    Painted in 2021

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